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chandler short sale escrows


chandler short sale escrows

Arizona Title Services and Escrow Services For

Short Sale Escrows

A short sale is a process where the lender will look at the loan(s) which you have with them and determine whether or not the homeowner owes more than the Fair Market Value of the home or has such a small amount of equity that if sold, could not cover the agent or closing costs. When they determine any of these to be true, they will then consider discounting the loan(s) to reflect a price which will facilitate the property to sell on the market.


At Arizona Title & Escrow Company we are here to assist all parties going through a short sale. Experience the convenience of working with a short sale agent at our escrow company!

With our 26 years experience, we can help your short sale escrow go smoothly. 

Interested in how we can help? Contact Arizona Title and Escrow Company.

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